Green Key

Our facility has been awarded the International Eco-label Green Key. We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact and improve our social responsibility. By choosing a Green Key-labeled facility, you contribute as guest to creating a more sustainable society.

What is Green Key?

Green Key is an international environmental and sustainability label that is distributed to logistics and conference activities that voluntarily show environmental and social responsibility by meeting Green Keys criteria. Green Key-labeled facilities have formulated their ambitions with sustainability efforts in an environmental/sustainability policy and work with annual targets and action plans to achieve continuous improvement in their environmental and sustainability efforts.

What does the labeling mean for the facility?

Green Keys criteria include 13 different environmental and sustainability areas. Requirements include water and energy consumption, waste, chemicals and food. For example, Green Key’s  requirements to be worthy of their certification are; green electricity, reduced water flow from cranes and showers, waste recycling in several fractions, and using eco-labeled paper and cleaning products. Initiatives will also be taken to increase the share of organic and eco-labeled provisions annually.

International Eco labeling

Green Key is run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE); an organization that works for sustainable development through several environmental programs. Green Key is supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Today, over 2600 tourist resorts in close to 60 countries are eco-labeled with Green Key.

Green Key in Sweden

In Sweden, the organization Green Key Sweden is responsible for the eco-label. Green Key also has a national steering committee and jury supporting the label and developing the criteria. It consists of the foundation “Håll Sverige Rent” (Keep Sweden Clean), Visita, Swedish Tourist Association, Nature’s Best / Eco-tourism Association and SCR Swedish Camping.

More information

Please send us an email to info@tradgarn.se if you want to know more about our ongoing environmental work, or how you can contribute as our guest. For more information, visit the Green Keys website www.greenkey.se or www.greenkey.global.