Lördag 1 oktober på Trädgår'n

Konsert - 1 oktober 2022


Trädgår’n & All Things Live presenterar stolt AFRO B (Live) på Trädgår’n!
Mannen bakom megahiten Drogba (Johanna) kommer till Göteborg och Trädgår’n! Säkra din biljett redan idag.
OBS: Endast förköp gäller denna kväll!

Afro B
A multi-talented pianist, singer, and songwriter, Afro B is something of a figurehead for the Afrobeats/Afrowave sound sweeping the UK. Starting his musical journey with a residency at a Jamaican club called NW10, the Londoner has since moved into producing, highlighting his talents as one of the industry’s most exciting curators around. Enjoying a meteoric rise, he channels Ghanaian, Congolese, and French – on account of his Ivorian heritage – as influences. The South Londoner, who was recently announced as one of Capital Xtra’s new presenters, is heavily supported by the likes of Westwood, MistaJam, and Toddla T, and has become one of the scene’s most respected talents. Upon the drop of his new single ‘Drogba’, the #DrogbaChallenge was born!

Plats: Trädgår’n
Tid: 23-03
Pris: 350kr standard / 450kr VIP

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  • Trädgår'n
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