Konsert framflyttad från 28 december till 31 mars. Köpt biljett gäller även det nya datumet. Välkomna!

Konsert - 31 mars 2022


Den Iranska/persiska rapgruppen Zedbazi kommer till Trädgår’n 31 mars!

Zedbazi is a Persian/iranian rap group formed in 2005. They are currently based in London, England. The original lineup consists of Saman Wilson(Willy), Sohrab Masterjoint(MJ) and Mehrad Hidden(Hidden) alongside frequent collaborators, Alireza JJ, Sijal and Nasim. Mehrad Hidden and Saman Wilson first met in High School in Iran, and later became friends with Sohrab MJ in a party.

Saman Wilson who is the founder of Zedbazi was arrested in Tehran in 2007 and this event caused the group to go on hiatus for 2 years. After a period where the group had announced their retirement according to Rapfa Website, in January 2009 they finally released a song called ”Zendegiye Mane” (It’s My Life) without Saman Wilson and produced by Mehrad Hidden. The song is about being an Iranian celebrity is rebelling against the norm, with lyrics such as ”It’s my life, do not tell me what is wrong and what is right” and ”The reason that we are still here is our ignorant population”.

After ”Zendegiye Mane”, The group released probably their most popular song called ”Zamin Saafeh”, this song was produced by Alireza JJ (The Producer of ”Tabestoon Kootahe”), the song was an immediate success and the group started their second phase; this time without Saman Wilson.
Notable fact: Saman Wilson has not been featured in their past 6 singles. All of their songs was released on the internet. According to PopMatters, their 2006 song Berim Fazaa has been downloaded over 8 million times. Songs like Bi Hess and Tabestoon Kootahe gained a huge success and fame for the band. They’ve toured Europe and Dubai in 2006. Zedbazi is one of the most famous Persian Rap and Hip Hop bands credited for introducing gangsta rap to Iran.

Datum: 31 mars 2022
Dörrar öppnar + DJ: 18.00
Zedbazi: 20.00
Slut: 23.30
Standardbiljett: 530 :-
VIP-biljett: 790 :-

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